How to auto shut down windows 10 after some time

Windows provides multiple ways to shutdown the system. However, no matter how much you tìm kiếm within the Windows settings, you will not find any option whatsoever khổng lồ schedule shutdown. But that doesn’t mean you cannot vì it.Here, how to shutdown Windows on timer or schedule shutdown with just a few clicks.

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Note: I’m showing how khổng lồ schedule shutdown in Windows 10. But the below scheduled shutdown procedure will work in Windows 7 và 8 too.

Auto Shutdown Windows

There are two methods to lớn tự động hóa shutdown window. The first one is useful when you want lớn phối a temporary và single-use shutdown timer.The second method is useful when you want Windows to auto shutdown at a specific time regularly, like when you go lớn sleep.I will show both PC shutdown timer methods, use the one depending on your needs.Jump to:
Windows 10 shutdown timerScheduled Shutdown Using Task Scheduler

1. Windows 10 Shutdown Timer

Though Windows has no visible option to lớn create a Windows shutdown timer, you can auto shutdown Windows with a single commvà. All you have sầu to lớn vày is exedễ thương a single shutdown timer commvà either in PowerShell or Command Prompt.This method is very useful when you have to lớn spontaneously set a shutdown timer khổng lồ tự động hóa shutdown Windows. For instance, you can use this tip to lớn limit how long your children can use the system.1.

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To phối Windows shutdown timer, search either for PowerShell or Comm& Prompt và open it. In my case, I’m using PowerShell but you can use Comm& Prompt too.2. In the PowerShell or Commvà Prompt window, exexinh đẹp the below auto shutdown command. Replace XXXX with the number of seconds.shutdown -s -t XXXXFor example, if you want khổng lồ tự động shutdown window after 60 minutes then the commvà will be something lượt thích shutdown -s -t 3600.

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If you can’t find any relevant task for auto shutdown in the task scheduler, maybe some program is vị it via some other method. Monitor which programs are running at the time of the shutdown và try disabling them.