gifur.mehường. Support Assistant is included on new gifur.mehường desktop và notebook PCs. You can install it on PCs from other manufacturers for easy access lớn support resources và tools for gifur.me printers và PCs. Cliông xã the ? icon on your system tray to start gifur.mehường Support Assistant or tải về now. During thiết lập, selected new gifur.me PC models running Windows 10 will receive version 9. All other PC models will receive sầu version 8.1If you received an incompatible operating system message during gifur.mehường. Support Assistant installation, please tải về and install the Legacy version.

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Resolve sầu many common issues using gifur.mehường. Support Assistant’s troubleshooters and automated fixes. For example, Audio Chechồng can diagnose & help fix issues if you having trouble hearing sound from your computer. Performance Tune-up Cheông chồng can optimize your system khổng lồ help improve sầu performance và Operating System Check can analyze and help maintain Windows on your PC. When gifur.mehường PC Hardware Diagnostics is installed, it can be launched directly from gifur.mehường. Support assistant to test components, such as your hard drive and memory, và identify potential hardware related issues. If the issue cannot be resolved with these tools, gifur.me.. Support Assistant can help you find additional tư vấn resources specific to your device.


Manage your connected gifur.mehường devices from the My devices tab. Just create a new ID or sign in with your existing credentials & you"ll have sầu access lớn your registered devices. Need to lớn keep track of new messages or updates for a friover or family member"s PC or printer? Simply add their device khổng lồ your danh sách & you"ll be notified automatically.

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Improve sầu the performance và reliability of your PCs & printers with automatic firmware và driver updates. You can configure your options to install updates automatically or lớn notify you when updates are available.



Need help troubleshooting? Just ask! gifur.me’s Virtual Agent can help troubleshoot issues with your PC or printer, anytime of the day or night.2
1. gifur.me Support Assistant 8 requires .NET Framework 4.5 or later.2. gifur.me Virtual Agent available in selected countries.
Clichồng or use the tab key khổng lồ select your country popUpSREndingLabelString