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So Who Likes antlions? And I mean really likes antlions, enough lớn marry one. If this sounds lượt thích you, và you"d marry an antlion, then you"ll love the first section of Episode Two.If you"re lượt thích anybody else, & had had enough of the limitless, hive-minded cannon fodder by the over of Half-Life 2, then you won"t. Valve have sầu decided lớn have the mute Gordon Freeman spelunk a giant antlion cave, full of not just antlions, but a new sort of antlion. A wholly more annoying sort of antlion which vomits acid on you, not unlượt thích the original game"s bullsquids. It"s not an entirely bad section of the game, but it whiffs of Xen, & leaves you feeling deflated - especially after the stunning intro showing off the Source engine"s newfound ability to explode really large things.

For the game khổng lồ be touted as taking a new direction towards grvà, open vistas and rolling, beforested hills, only to send you almost immediately down a mine shaft, is disappointing. To have you fighting old enemies & arbitrarily picking up all your old weapons (which you somehow lost again, & were somehow scattered along the first level again), well, it feels lượt thích we"re retreading old ground, fighting fights we fought in Half-Life 2 và Episode One. The polish is beginning khổng lồ dull, và with minimal plot progression throughout the whole game, the appeal of episodic instalments of Half-Life 2 is waning.

One more paragraph of moaning before I start lớn explain the 82% at the over of the Đánh Giá. Take Far Cry"s beach, Oblivion"s sewer exit, Half-Life 2s town square - each of these are moments in which the visual spectacle of a large area impresses the player. Episode Two just doesn"t seem lớn have that single moment of impact, despite having the perfect environment for it. The Source engine, despite a whole host of tweaks & upgrades, occasionally looks tired (especially indoors), and it"s becoming harder và harder to lớn avoid a seen-it-all-before sense of cynicism. An expansion is still an expansion, even if you hotline it an episode - & there"s not much expansion happening here.

But Wait

That said, I should mention that this is still Half-Life 2, & Half-Life 2 is incurably fantastic. This episode will undoubtedly end up in your collection anyway (rendering moot this entire review), being tied lớn both Team Fortress 2 and Portal (reviewed elsewhere in this issue), và it does piông chồng up after the antlion caves. Gordon và Alyx find themselves en route to White Forest, the last homely house this side of City 17, và temporary residence of all of our old scientist pals. Kleiner and Vance are working on a method of sending Alyx"s code (the one she stole from the exploding Citadel) in order lớn close the super-portal above the ruined đô thị và prsự kiện Combine reinforcements from arriving.

With them is a new Black Mesa alumnus, Dr. Magnusson, whose hard-nosed attitude, ego-driven personality, & innate dislike and thinly veiled jealousy of Gordon Freeman provides the best lines in the episode. The addition of the abrasive sầu character adds a nice sense of balance khổng lồ the cast which was becoming a bit too Super Best Friover Scientists", as well as injecting some humour inlớn proceedings. Watching how characters look at you with a sense of apologetic despair as Magnusson derides you is what Valve"s facial animation công nghệ was built for. And who could"ve predicted we"d finally capture an expression of reluctant gratitude in a collection of emotionless polygons?

Help, I Need Somebody

One of the best tricks of Episode One was its Alyx/Gordon personal relationship-driven co-operative play (you know, when she"d make zombie noises at you in the dark). This returns in Episode Two. with the bulk of the game, post-caves, resembling a coming-of-age road trip across the landscape. Not only are you teamed up with Alyx in this adrenaline- (& petrol) fuelled race across the countryside, encountering various Combine and rebel forces along the way, but for some of the pre-cave japes you"re accompanied by none other than a friendly vortigaunt chum. He intones monotonously, occasionally joking about Freeman"s various traits (such as his knack for falling down holes, about which the vortigaunt notes, "no pit would be complete without a Freeman climbing out of it"). He also shoots lightning out of his hands, which is useful.

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It"s a lessened sense of camaraderie than in Episode One. as there"s no feeling of impending doom (whereas in the previous instalment you were inside the soon-to-be-exploding Citadel), but companions continue khổng lồ be extremely useful - if not in a practical sense then in some atmospheric, social sense. It might be stretching Gordon"s bleak muteness to breaking point but it"s refreshing, and informative (given our host"s dislượt thích of soliloquies), to have Alyx narrating next to lớn you too.

On the road to White City you"ll come across the face of Episode Two - the hunter. Tripedal killing machines, carrying that distinctly cyber-organic Combine style, they take some beating before they finally fall down. You"ll meet them in a variet/of situations - while under siege in a house, or during later sections where they accompany their older, ganglier brothers, the striders. The muscle car, which is in your possession for the majority of the game, can be used lớn great effect here: with enough velođô thị you"ll snap their legs and send their funny faces slamming into lớn the bonnet with a sickening thud & a terrified whimper. Their own needles stiông xã into lớn surfaces shortly before exploding, giving you that one crucial moment khổng lồ dodge away. It"s easily the coolest enemy ever khổng lồ have graced the Half-Life universe - not counting that giant crab with the ball-saông xã.

Free Range

The closing sections of the episode, which will take you about seven hours lớn reach, present something that many were expecting lớn feature throughout - a truly open area, with no specific route khổng lồ take. True, the rest of the game is a shade lesslinear than levels of old, but this final arena allows you to take part in a colossal battle between rebels and striders, who are being accompanied by squads of hunters. You"ve got to locate these striders, pichồng up a Strider Buster, take care of the hunters (ideally by driving over them, but miss and crash và they"ll be all over you with their spikes & lean, muscular bodies), before finally gravity gunning the sticky bomb onlớn the stridor"s body. Then it takes a single shot to blow the thing khổng lồ gloopy shreds. It"s one of the greakiểm tra parts of the Half-Life saga so far, và there"s more khổng lồ it than I"d care lớn ruin for you right now.

Unforeseen Consequences

The mysteries of "that bloke in the suit who keeps following you also begin khổng lồ unravel ever so slightly in Episode Two (something that pleases me immensely), but at the same time more questions are created than answered. Links khổng lồ Portal are made (similarly, links to Half-Life are made in Portal), & then followed by imaginary ellipses and question marks. Main characters constantly get interrupted as they try to lớn reveal plot secrets too; what we wouldn"t give for an "Excuse me Alyx, can"t you see we were in the middle of a conversation? button. Honestly.

If Episode Two was meant lớn recapture our imaginations và make us fall madly in love sầu with the Half-Life universe again after a frankly brand-damaging hiatus, it"s failed. If it was meant lớn extend the experience of Half-Life 2 and Episode One with a bit more of the same good stuff, then it"s quite naturally succeeded. I can"t overstate that Episode Two contains some of the series" greathử nghiệm moments, và that it"s still every bit as charming as its predecessors, but it"s so similar khổng lồ Half-Life 2 that despite what Valve might believe sầu, we"re really left wanting something a bit fresher. If Valve sầu are going to go down this route of episodic gaming (something that seems increasingly unlikely) we need snappier releases và far stronger plotlines too. Episode Three won"t have sầu TF2 và Portal khổng lồ keep it afloat.

Saying that. Episode Two ends, unexpectedly, with one of Half-Life"s most thrilling scenes, setting up wonderfully for the next act which promises lớn be a good "un. Let"s just hope we won"t have sầu to lớn wait another year and a half khổng lồ play it.