The ebook is not designed for use on a điện thoại thông minh. It works best on a laptop / desktop computer, & on tablet devices. 

Can I print off pages from the ebook?

No, it is not possible to lớn print pages from the ebook.

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Is the ebook the same as the printed book?

Yes, the ebook has the same grammar explanations, practice exercises & appendices as the printed book. It also has audio for the example sentences and any easy khổng lồ use answer key.

thiết bị di động phầm mềm FAQs

Will the thiết bị di động tiện ích work on a smartphone?

Yes, the mobile tiện ích is designed for use on iOS và Android smartphones, and tablet devices.

Is the sản phẩm điện thoại tiện ích the same as the book?

The Mobile app has the same grammar units as the book, but the explanations & practice exercises have sầu been adapted to work more effectively on smarphone-sized screens. The phầm mềm also has audio for the example sentences & automatic marking.

Online with Learning Management System FAQs

Will the online version work on a smartphone?

No, the gifur.me Learning Management System is not designed for use on a điện thoại thông minh. It works best on a laptop / desktop computer, and on tablet devices.

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How long is each subscription period?

Each subscription last for 20 months. Liên hệ your local gifur.me representative sầu for details about prices in your country.

Can I buy licences that can be shared, for example, 10 licences for a school that can be used by anyone?

This is not currently possible as each subscription to the online version requires an individual account. The student"s work is tracked and progress is recorded, enabling the teacher khổng lồ monitor progress and run reports.

If you have already installed English Grammar in Use khổng lồ your hard drive:Download this update & unzip it.Close English Grammar in Use.Double-cliông xã on EGUStandaloneUpgrade.exe, & follow the instructions on your screen.Important: this update will let you run English Grammar in Use from your hard drive – you will not be able lớn run English Grammar in Use directly from the CD.If you have not installed English Grammar in Use lớn your hard drive:

Put your original disc into lớn your computer & let it start.Choose to lớn install English Grammar in Use khổng lồ your computer.When the installation is completed, follow the instructions ‘if you have sầu already installedEnglish Grammar in Use to lớn your hard drive’ above.It will look for English Grammar in Use in the mặc định folder (C:gifur.me) và if it finds it, will start the upgrade straight away. Otherwise it will ask you to browse khổng lồ the thư mục where you installed English Grammar in Use. It checks that this thư mục does have the installation & then upgrades.If you have sầu an inhỏ on your desktop or Start menu, this will now point at your new version of EGU.

If you have installed Windows Live sầu Messenger 8, Windows Defender or Office 2007, và have problems with these CD-ROMs, please go khổng lồ the Clarity tư vấn trang web, where you will find more information about this, & how khổng lồ solve sầu the problem.

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