Tải win 8

Microsoft has announced an update of Windows 8 to 8.1 in which the most notable novelty is the addition of the start button.

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This update is going khổng lồ be free. Microsoft is already distributing an ISO version of the Pđánh giá for all Windows Vista và 7 users who want to lớn try it without losing the dual boot.

Windows 8.1 ISO update includes new features which significantly increase the overall user experience. The ISO data files are for more complex users who need additional options for gaming and streaming. MS Windows 8.1 iso is part of Microsoft Windows 8’s support life-cycle and putting in 8.1 iso upgrade was compulsory to lớn maintain usage & updates. Windows 8.1 ISO download you will probably find on torrent sites can be a serious threat khổng lồ your PC as they may contain Trojans, spyware. It has amazing features like the inclusion of new taskbar, split display screen inlớn 3 different displays working simultaneously. Still, there is room for performance accessories, which is kept up lớn date as well with this release.

A user-friendly interface will get tư vấn for laO files are for expert users who need test touchscreen devices. A fresh look for start menu is provided such that it can provide a regular look in touch display và simple displays as well. The major benefit of this edition is security with a Windows Defender with all the required Security features. Microsoft released Windows 8.1 ISO that can be downloaded from the links given below. The additional options for deploying the modified operating-system on another Personal computer, the partitioning, or lớn run in an Online Machine.


What are the new features?

The update is not based primarily on the start button but the differences, compared lớn version 8.0, are very remarkable. The main functions added to lớn the system are as follows:

Start button: The update will bring the classic Windows start menu but will liên kết to lớn the application panel. It is not the thực đơn as we know it.Internet Explorer 11: By default, it will come with Internet Explorer 11.New apps from Windows Store và Sky Drive sầu.Outlook 2013 will be available by default in 8.1.Calculator and alarm will be available by mặc định without having to lớn tải về anything.It will allow you lớn uninstall several applications at once. It will also allow you lớn uninstall applications on multiple devices at once through the internet.Added options lớn shut down và restart the system by pressing the Win + X combination on the keyboard.More sizes for tiles: One small & one extra-long just like Windows Phone 8.New functions in Windows lock window.Allows you to lớn phối the desktop background as the background of the home page screen.A defender will now monitor the entire network operation.Synchronize IE tabs with multiple PCs.A button to view all applications on the Home screen, plus additional touch gestures such as access khổng lồ all applications.The ability to synchronize more configurations between devices, including Home screen settings, Công nghệ Bluetooth keyboard, và Mouse settings.Expansion of PC Configuration to include more previously exclusive sầu options of the Control Panel.


How khổng lồ get Windows 8.1 as an ISO file?

Nowadays, Windows computers are usually delivered without an installation medium. For all those who want lớn install or re-install, Microsoft also provides its current operating system as an ISO file for tải về. This allows multiple computers to be updated without having to lớn download the updates for each computer individually.

First, the Media Creation Tool must be downloaded & run under an administrator account. The system language can now be selected for startup.

Next, select the Windows edition. Here, you can choose between the standard & pro variants.

In order to lớn complete the first step, the architecture has to be chosen. Whether the 32 or 64-bit version should be downloaded depends on the processor used.

In the next step, you determine whether the installation files are copied directly to lớn a USB stichồng or the program should store an ISO file on the hard disk. The selected disk must provide at least 4 GB of space.

If the USB stiông chồng is selected as the memory destination, the selection of the target drive sầu is made in the next dialog box. The program gives a warning that all files stored on the stick will be deleted.

When selecting an ISO file, the storage path can be defined in the next step. The Media Creation Tool now starts automatically with the download of the selected Windows version & then transfers the ISO tệp tin to the selected truyền thông media.

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Those are all of the steps you to follow. Now all that is left lớn vì chưng is the actual installation.

How to mount và use an ISO image file in Windows 8.1?

Currently, the image files with the ISO extension are widely used on the mạng internet. They are as their name indicates images or complete & exact copies of physical disks. They are widely used to replicate the contents of installation disks, but also for any other purpose.

ISO images abound for different installation, recovery, startup, etc. disks. You can use them to burn a CD or DVD with them, but also extract their contents. Recent versions of Windows allow you lớn open or mount them without having to lớn use any additional software.

When mounting an ISO tệp tin Windows assigns it a virtual drive letter, i.e. it looks as if you have sầu inserted a disk inlớn a CD or DVD drive sầu.

How khổng lồ do it?

In the previously available version you currently have sầu installed, right-clicking an ISO file is the option: “Mount”.

In the update, it does not appear, it is necessary to choose: “xuất hiện with” và select: “Windows Explorer”. It’s all, that simple.

Open the browser or My Computer và you will see the content in the new drive sầu.

When you want lớn vày without the new image give a right click on its inhỏ in the browser và select: “Eject” as if it were a physical disk.

It doesn’t require installing any other additional programs for this task.


Following are some pros of the update

It is không tính tiền offered by MicrosoftSkyDrive sầu tightly integratedCustomization options added


These are some cons which are also very crucial to lớn know

It has been reported that the start button is not fully functionalUpgrading from pnhận xét can be troublesome

Important Information:

If you are planning to use ISO for PĐánh Giá installation, you will not be able to lớn uninstall it. If you want to reply lớn an earlier operating system, you need to reinstall it using installation media or recovery.While using Windows 8 on the computer system, if you don’t have any recovery truyền thông media, you can also create a USB recovery drive sầu.If the system has Windows Vista, Windows XP or Windows 7 và if it doesn’t have any recovery truyền thông, you can run the software which is provided by the computer manufacturer khổng lồ break away the recovery truyền thông from the disk in the computer.

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Final Verdict:

If you are using Windows 8.1 iso & facing any issues related to its operation, it is advisable that you should switch to Windows 8.1 as in this new version, it has been rectified numbers of issues. 8.1 is the new step in the right direction.