Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Professional

Microsoft Visual Studio năm ngoái Craông chồng + Activation Key

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Visual Studio năm ngoái is a rich, integrated development environment for creating modern web applications, along with stunning programs for Windows, Android, & iOS and cloud services.

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Microsoft Visual Studio All Version Serial Keys:

87DQC-G8CYR-CRPJ4-QX9K8-RFV2B ( Ultimate Version )KCQWK-Q43V3-M3F2T-83VGV-Y6VTX (Professional Version)TTDB9-9YPYH-7FBVY-X2CTQ-D8F2H (Test Professional Version)P27TG-XXX2W-XK8TK-QD9FK-V36W4 (Premium và ExpressVersion)6T3MC-YX8XF-7CWXW-462TQ-8G2B4 (Team Foundaion Version)


C#, Visual C, Basic, Pybé, Node.js & HTML/JavaScriptSprint preparationProfiling, complex debugging, automated and manual testingDevOps with continuous monitoring và automated deployments

What’s New

UI Debugging Tools for XAMLSingle Sign-InCodeLensCode MapsDiagnostics ToolsException SettingsJavaScript EditorUnit TestsVisual Studio Emulator for AndroidVisual Studio Tools for Apabịt CordovaVisual Studio C++ for Cross-Platsize Smartphone DevelopmentASP.NETVisual C++


2" width="632" height="427" srcset=" 632w, 300w, 20w" sizes="(max-width: 632px) 100vw, 632px" /> How To Activate ?

Download & Install Visual Studio 2015 From The liên kết Given Below (Any Edition)Run the installed visual studio 2015Cliông xã the help button from toolbar and go khổng lồ register hàng hóa optionClick the change my hàng hóa licenceDownlod and mở cửa The Serial Key File of Your Edition From The Links Given BelowCopy/Paste The Key in Visual StudioYou have full access to lớn your Microsoft visual studio 2015 (Any Edition)Enjoy

Visual Studio năm ngoái Pro Serial Key (1 MB) / Mirrors Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise Serial Key (1 MB) / Mirrors Visual Studio năm ngoái Enterprise Crachồng (1 MB) / Mirrors