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Hello Friends, recently while searching on the internet i came across this thing called as Borland Turbo Pascal 7.0 which is an IDE cum Compiler for running và compiling Pascal language.pas files, Although pascal is taken to be one of the dead programming languages, Pascal is still used widely for education purposes due to lớn its similarities with C and easier khổng lồ understand programming structures và flows. Hi, the cursor seems khổng lồ be stuông chồng on the DosBox window & cannot move sầu, say, to lớn the tutorial window lớn follow along. I am using Windows7.

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Also, if I highlight a text field in one of the tutorial windows, and copy that text to lớn the clipboard, then I cannot paste into the DosBox TP7 window. Is there a way of doing this?BTW, I found a work-around for the first issue: hit shift+ctrl+esc và the cursor will be không tính phí & the DosBox will resize to a smaller window which is no longer re-sizable. Must be a better way. I made some Turbo Pascal programs for more than 10 years ago. Recently my 64 bits HP workstation was upgraded from Windows XP. to lớn Windows 7, but the old programs bởi not run anymore because of compatibility problems.Now i have installed the Turbo Pascal 7 for Windows 7. From the fullscreen editor it can run và compile the old source files, but when trying to run the generated exe-files directly, there is still compatibility problems. Right-cliông xã on the files và select Windos 7 compatibility vày not help.

The settings still seems khổng lồ be for Windows XPhường (Service Paông chồng 2).How can this problem be solved?. OH WAIT.found them.in some C:UsersMAINAppDataLocalVirtualStoreProgram FilesTPWORK who on earth would go to lớn that location to tìm kiếm for his compiled programs.to find where tp7 is hiding your stuff guys, just tìm kiếm for them in the tìm kiếm dialogue box for the entire drive C.apparently mine were hidden in an underground directory for virtual files in-case of some kind of nuclear fallout.XDvà pascal is really cool, easier than C,& yên ổn using it khổng lồ make commercial softwares.so much for ‘outdated’. Thank you so much. I learned TP 30 years ago. Had version 2,3,4,5,6,7.

Also programmed microcontroller 8051 with pascal.Now when I installed it, I could start writing code, just lượt thích I did then. As if no time have sầu passed.

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Such a weird feeling.The old TPhường feels good, & it is so easy lớn structure and read. And the installer! Wooosh và the program is installed và everything is ready. Those days I sat with my 5,25″ floppy drive và waited.It´s fun lớn get old, mixed with a little sadness.Keep up the spirit and thanks again. Dear Bo!It depends on the Hardware of Your Computer!I use HP Computers và Acer from 2007, even LG works.You need to lớn kiểm tra your Computer before You purchaseIt with Color Mathematics Files.Since Windows XP has been heavily attacked by VirusesMicrosoft had lớn change its Hardware completely!Get an old Computer dated 2007 or a few years beforethat date, try Amazon USA.Once You succeed, a Market of 250000 ComputersIs waiting lớn run Colo Mathematics, this includesIndia & China!Keep up the Good WorkErwin GelberColor Mathematics. Hi, I used your tải về, but after each start of a program using the unit crt the mouse will not accept any more click results.

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Only movement is possible. I had the same problem with the original BP 7.0 what seems lớn be much the same as your Pascal for Windows, but you have DosBox integrated into the system.Another question, if you can help me with the more important one. I want lớn have sầu a seperate data directory on another drive, how can I tell Pascal khổng lồ use it. The DosBox config shows my additions with all the mounts of different drives but does not seem lớn be used. I need some help if it’s possible. I downloaded the TP7 for Windows 8 32bit-64bit, installed it & tried to lớn use it.

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It open’s, But when i’m finish with a Program i press Compile (it works), then PRess Run(it works) only 1 up to 3 times, after that i can’t use any other menu. Or if i run it once & i modify the program the same error. TPhường isn’t responding anymore, and I have sầu khổng lồ cđại bại it entirely and open it again & rewrite the program. Otherwise it’s ok, it save’s even the programs và find them anytime, but it’s annoying lớn exit and start it over và over again.

Could you please help me?