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Navicat Premium 12 download

​ Navicát Premium 12It is a database development management tool that supports connecting to lớn various databases such as MySquốc lộ and Oracle. It can create, manage & maintain databases quickly and easily.Navicát Premium 12 Simplified Chinese Download:



Baidu cloud disk fast channel:

Navicat Premium 12.0.22 Simplified Chinese 64-bit, extraction password: p37xNavicát Premium 12.0.23 Simplified Chinese 64-bit, extraction password: 67cfNavicát Premium 12.0.24 Simplified Chinese 64-bit, extraction password: w588Navicat 12 User Guide (Official Chinese version), extraction password: 5c8g

Navicát Premium 12 installation

No special requirements, normal installation

Navicát Premium 12 activation

**Navimèo Premium 12.0.22-12.0.24 Simplified Chinese 64-bit must be activated**, if the latest version can not be activated, please roll bachồng the version. Other than that, it is your problem. Baidu cloud disk fast channel: (, extract password: rzk2.Craông xã the patch folder:


Command line operation

1** (administrator) open a commvà prompt**,cdTo current Navimèo Premium 12Crachồng patch folderLocation, such asCd E:Navicát Premium 12 craông chồng patch;

Patch.exeThe main program for Navicat isnavimèo.exeMake a patch,Replace the public key. carried outPatch.exe pháo "full path khổng lồ navimèo.exe",Need khổng lồ be quoted, for example, "C:Program FilesPremiumSoftNavimèo Premium 12 avicát.exe". Then the corresponding directory will be generated in the current directory.

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Private key tệp tin RegPrivateKey.pem

3 then useKeygene.exeGenerate the registration code of Navimèo 12 và exexinh tươi it.Keyren.exe RegPrivateKey.pemCommvà, enter as promptedAny usernamewithAny organization name, the registration code will be generated, và the request is filled in at this time.

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Request code


Fill in the registration code

Disconnect from the network (until activation is successful), open Navimèo and cliông chồng on the thực đơn barhelp,selectregisteredIn the registration interface, fill in the registration code generated in the previous step, và then clickactivation


Click to lớn activate manually


Manual activation

WillRequest codeCopy to the comm& prompt & press Enter twice to generateActivation code


Generate activation code

Copy the generated activation code into lớn the Navicat activation code input đầu vào box and clickactivation


Enter activation code


Successful activation

Finally, open Navicat Premium 12 and cliông chồng on the menu bar.helpAnd then chooseon, activation is successful:


Reference material

More details can be viewedReference article There is a discussion of activation failure.