Microsoft Office 2007 overview

Microsoft Office 2007 is a phối of tools that includes many applications with many different features built inkhổng lồ it like MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook, MS Access,…It is one of the most popular office applications today, Office 2007 gives users a great tư vấn experience that they could never have sầu before. Currently, Office 2007 is appreciated by improved interface, rich tư vấn, popular output formats.

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Microsoft Office 2007 includes

Microsoft office Access 2007Microsoft office Communicator 2007Microsoft office Excel 2007Microsoft office Groove sầu 2007Microsoft office InfoPath 2007Microsoft office Onecảnh báo 2007Microsoft office Outlook 2007Microsoft office PowerPoint 2007Microsoft office Publisher 2007Microsoft office Word 2007


What’s new in Office 2007?

Use the Quichồng access toolbarUse the office buttonUse the ribbonGalleries The Office Assistant

Microsoft Office 2007 minimum System Requirments:

CPU: 500MHzRAM: 256MB RAMHard drive sầu space: 2GB không tính tiền hard drive sầu space for installation; final amount used depends on which features are installedMedia drive: CD or DVD driveMonitor: Monitor capable of 1024×768 resolutionOperating system: Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or laterBrowser: Internet Explorer 6.0 or later, 32-bit browser only

MS office 2007 miễn phí download

+ Link mega:


Installing Microsoft Office 2007

Step 01: Clichồng run Setup.exe


Step 02: Enter Serial Key Office 2007 (find in setup folder) and then cliông xã Continue


Step 03: Cheông chồng the I accept the terms of this agreement box và then cliông xã Continue button to lớn proceed lớn the next step.

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Step 04: Here, you have two options: Install Now or Customize. Clicking the Install Now button will begin installing Office 2007 on your Windows drive sầu.


Step 05: Everything is complete & you are now able to access Microsoft Office 2007.