Plants vs zombies cheats and hack: get free coins and free diamonds in the game

Had fun playing Plants vs Zombies? Do you want lớn have more fun playing this game? Okay! Here’s the thing, did you know that this game has some cheats, hacks, tips & tricks in this game that can help you playing this game and add some spices in this game to have more fun and become enjoyable? Here are some of those things that will make your game experience much better!



Effect:Numbers of candies burst in every zombie’s body toàn thân after getting destroyed.

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Effect: It applies a tricked-out style in the appearance of the lawn mower


Effect: It’s contradicting effect because this cheat applies an 80’s retro look lớn the zombies with matching retro shades


Effect: Zombies leave sầu some daisies flowers on the ground after they are destroyed.


Effect: The zombies will have sầu mustabít và looks like old cop zombie.


Effect: Want to lớn see some dancing zombies & grooving zombies? Hell yeah! In this cheat, the zombies are basically nhảy đầm. It’s more lượt thích the khiêu vũ zombie lượt thích Michael Jackson Zombie but in this case, all kinds of zombies are nhảy.


There’s another cheat you can use in this game. It does not affect any visual on the game but it affects the audio of the game. When you activated this cheat, you have sầu the power khổng lồ turn on and turn off the sounds of the zombies. You’ll no longer hear the noise of these creepy brain-eating zombies.

Extra Cheat:


Effect: toggles the zombie’s brains sound. Stopping the annoying sound of zombies!


Tips for game Play Success

Some of the newbies in this game initially build an army of plants in order to defover their lawn from the zombies. It is a good technique in playing this game but this technique is only useful for the early levels of the game. As the game continuous, it gets more difficult and harder to maintain your army of plants. Why? Because eventually, you’ll run out of solar power which is the sun và the zombie will successfully invade your lawn.

Players who has more experience playing Plants vs Zombies knows what is the first thing lớn vì in playing this game. That is khổng lồ collect sun! more sun! More sun much better. Because this technique helps the player khổng lồ sustain the army he built in the early levels. It’s lượt thích hoarding solar power energy for future purposes! Just don’t forget to build a defense & offense line in your lawn.

Another tip is the technique of balancing. Yes, balancing! You need to control building your army of plants & producing your source of energy equally. Why? Because if you build too much plants and disregard collecting solar energy. As the game progresses & your army of plants has been destroyed by the zombies and lacking of solar energy, you are not able to survive sầu this game. The zombies in your lawn will easily eat your BRAIN! Nooooooo! And if you focus too much on collecting sun và not build a stable army of plants, your brains will get eaten! so in order lớn finish this game successfully, smartly plan building your army of plants.

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Hacking guide


This site is not responsible in any changes in the game. Changes that can result khổng lồ corruption of the game & the saved adventure in this game. Hacking this game is at your own risk! so if I were you, I’ll enjoy this game in natural way.


Open both the Cheat Engine & Plants vs. Zombies.Pick any game mode, choose your Seed & then start the game.Now, Go to lớn Cheat Engine and clichồng the blinking computer ibé.Choose “popcapgame1.exe” or “PlantsVsZombies.exeProceed hacking.

Unlimited Sun


Cheat Engine


Enter the amount of sun you have sầu in the value box.Clichồng “First Scan”.Go lớn Plants vs. Zombies và decrease or increase your sun (Ex: Get more sun from your Sunflowers).Go bachồng again to lớn Cheat Engine, enter the amount of sun left in the value box.Then cliông chồng “Next Scan”Double-clichồng at the address that you will see at the left table.Double-click the number that you will see in Value row on the below table.enter the amount of sun you want.Clichồng the box in the “Active” row.Done.

Growing Sun/Money


Plants vs. ZombiesCheat Engine

Go at any level of the game và plant any kind of plant, just rethành viên it’s number. Then go lớn the cheat engine, click the blinking computer inhỏ, click the popcapgame1 or PlantsVs.Zombies.exe, enter the number of the plant you planted then cliông chồng the “First Scan”. After it, dig up the plant that you planted and then plant a Wall-nut on the same place you dug the other plant. After planting it, go again in the cheat engine and type 3 và cliông chồng next scan. Double-cliông xã “all the results”. Lastly, alter the value of every address và change it with 1 for the number of sun.

Unlimited Coins


Plants vs. ZombiesCheat Engine


First, get the total amount of your coins and divide it by 10 & put it in the value box. (Ex: if you have sầu 5000 coins, you should enter 500 in the value bar.)Then Cliông chồng “First Scan”.Buy any thành công in the siêu thị.Divide the total amount of coins left by ten and then enter it in the value box. (Ex: After buying, you have sầu 3500 coins, so you will just type 350 in the value box.)Then Click “Next Scan”.Go on the address that shown on the left.Double-click at the amount in the value row that shown in below table.Enter the amount of coins that you want to lớn have when the dialogue pops up.Complete.

Zero Recharge

This allows you to plant any kind of plant any time as often as you want.


Plants vs. ZombiesCheat Engine


Cliông chồng the “Memory View”.Cliông xã the address and piông xã “Go to Address”.Enter “0048728C”.Double-cliông chồng at the colored text.Choose between “01” to lớn “200”.Choose OK.After it, there will be a message that will say that the generated code is 7 bytes long và the opcode will be 4 bytes long. Choose yes to remove “nop” between “00487290”, and “00487292”.Done.

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For other cheats, hacks và references you can visit the link below.

Want to experience a great garden warfare between army of plants & group of brain-eating zombies?Download Plants vs Zombies for PC here!