To the obvious audio slicing capabilities that Free MP3 WMA Cutter offers, you have to add a series of editing features, a CD ripper, và the possibility of saving the resulting audio inlớn a new file in either the same or a different format. The program’s interface will display the selected tệp tin as a wavekhung graph, which will allow you lớn phối the cutting points not only in a more intuitive sầu way but also more accurately. Together with MP3 & WMA audio files, this tool can also be used to lớn cut or khổng lồ convert audios inlớn Ogg & WAV files.

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The program’s simple yet functional one-window interface is clearly divided inlớn three main sections that correspond with the tool’s main functions. The top module will let you open any existing audio file in any of the formats supported or rip any of the tracks of your favorite audio CDs. The trachồng or tệp tin in question will be displayed in the second module as a wavekhung graph, & here is where all the cutting, editing, và enhancing processes are carried out.

Setting the cutting points can be done in three ways. You can clichồng with your mouse directly on the wavesize to lớn mix the starting or the end point, và then drag your mouse to lớn the other over of the fragment. The section selected will be presented in a different color, and you can use the magnifying glass to enlarge it or lớn substitute the wavesize of the entire trachồng for that of the fragment to be cut. You can also use the two sliders provided to lớn set the start và kết thúc points, respectively. Either way, both points will be presented in figures (down to lớn the millisecond) under the graph, together with the resulting length of the fragment selected. Then, & this is the third way of setting the cutting points, you can modify those figures manually for extra precision.

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In this same module, you will find a set of editing features that will allow you not only khổng lồ trim the original tệp tin as selected, but also to lớn fade in & out the new begin and over points, normalize or amplify the overall audio, set this fragment with another audio file, and even add an eđến effect khổng lồ the resulting tệp tin or khổng lồ a part of it. The third và last module is where you select the output format, which will let you convert the source tệp tin inlớn any of the other three formats supported if so desired.

Free MP3 WMA Cutter not only extracts selected fragments from your favorite audio tracks easily & accurately – it lets you enhance & convert entire audio tracks or slices of them in a simple & convenient manner. The editing features và the danh sách of audio codecs supported are far from comprehensive sầu, but as it is my motkhổng lồ for all không lấy phí tools, any amount of extra functionality is always welcomed.