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Cool Edit Pro (for Windows) is a powerful audio editing và recording software that supports just about any audio format you can think of. It supports large audio files up to lớn 2GB and does much more than just edit. The amount of options you get with this software is incredible. From basic editing to lớn advanced, there is something here for everyone.


Over 25 audio file formats supported including major tệp tin formats such as MP3 & WAV as well as many moreThis software can support up to lớn 2GB of audioNot just for editing, with Cool Edit Pro you can record & save sầu tracks as well even from truyền thông media such as old tapes or discs (with the proper hardware)Capable of editing multiple tracks at a timeSimply designed interface for ease of use but also very professional lookingOptional features such as visual effects are available during installIncludes basic features as well as more advanced features such as mixing và processing music files

The wide variety of audio tệp tin formats in addition to the kích thước of the files this program can handle makes it stand out from the crowd. Simple kiến thiết ensures that anyone can use it but would be great for an audio pro as well. The ability khổng lồ record and save sầu truyền thông from old tapes & discs is a great feature for anyone looking lớn back up their memories. There truly is something for everyone with this software.

It can can handle over 25 audio file formats và supports large audio files

This program is able to lớn be used on 32 and 64 bit Windows. They offer a chạy thử which will have some restrictions compared lớn the full version. However, lớn anyone looking inkhổng lồ getting a new audio editing software the demo would be a great way to try out the program lớn see if they lượt thích it. All in all a great program.

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Cool Edit Pro is an audio application that grants users the ability khổng lồ edit, mix, & record their audio files. Cool Edit Pro has numerous features, such as: recording và playing audio, converting and editing audio, & also comes packed with multiple audio effects, khổng lồ help take audio creations lớn the next level. With 64 traông chồng tư vấn, and capability for over 25 file types, Cool Edit Pro seeks lớn please any audiophile or audio editor.
Cool Edit Pro is a software application that will work in the windows computer system. the reason behind this program development is to give sầu a reliable opportunity to lớn the creator khổng lồ create & edit files. And this program also being liked by many people. it can be used for playing files & make the conversion of files without any interruption. it is easy lớn use this simple application in modern society. the developers gave a huge opportunity to test the trial version on the computer system. it can be accessed from any place.
Cool Edit Pro for Windows is the best music workstation out there. It has support for surround sound mixing up khổng lồ 64 tracks and can be used with almost any soundcard! This advanced multitraông xã sound editing program supports large audio files up to 2GB as well as 25 different audio files including MP3 and WAV. If you looking for a user-friendly và powerful audio editing program you found it! Definitely recommended!
After quite a bit of research, I found this and I am amazed khổng lồ see the features as they are exactly what I was looking for. This software can set up to lớn 64 tracks which really amazes me, way more than I need but happy khổng lồ have sầu software that is capable and powerful. also, it supports 2G file so no more breaking songs inlớn small chunks và for people who are afraid to lớn buy this software demo allow you to lớn try with 30 mins songs. So go and try it & I am sure you going to lớn buy it.
Cool Edit Pro for windows seems lượt thích a great sản phẩm to lớn purchase and invest your time in. It allows you khổng lồ record and edit your recordings as easily as you can think of. A good feature of this hàng hóa is that it also allows the user to add effects khổng lồ their sounds. Cool Edit Pro is also miễn phí & will never expire once you have sầu it.