This Stand-aloneexpansion paông chồng to lớn Pyro"s surprise hit of 1998 is even harder than the first game, if that"s possible. It"s very much more of the same, with eight new levels ranging from a bombing mission on the Channel islands & a rescue mission in a Belgrade zoo, although, at least there are quite a few gameplay innovations. Many of you might think that the use of cigarettes or a sexy female operative sầu lớn distract nazi guards were quality to lớn the superb (và far more accessible) sequel, but they - along with some other ideas - are prefigured here.

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The problem is that it"s so bloody hard, requiring inhuman amounts of patience, a will of iron & the self-control not lớn smash your PC into shards with frustration. The fact that there is no 3D engine, the Al is unforgiving & the interface is a nightmare (all of which was fixed for Commandos II) only serve lớn further surround this with an aura of impenetrability.

Also known as: Availabe Addons: Commandos: Beyond The điện thoại tư vấn Of Duty Belongs lớn Series: Available on: PC Releasedate: 1998 Developer: Pyro Studquả táo Publisher: Eidos Community sites: All patches listed are - unless noted otherwise - cumulative sầu. Mar 15, 2007. Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines is a real-time tactics game set in World War II that puts you in command of a small squad of elite troopers. Sover them behind enemy lines on a series of hazardous missions, và bring them baông xã alive sầu. Clever strategy has never been so furiously action-packed. Title: Commandos: Beyond the gọi of Duty Genre: kích hoạt Release Date: 7 Atruyền thông quảng cáo, 1999. Commandos Beyond The hotline Of Duty v1.1 Size: 287 MB Free Download Commandos Beyond The gọi Of Duty v1.1 PC trò chơi – You have been selected for active service in the Commandos Corps, and must now mobilize in a series of 8 new dangerous missions. 1,2,3,4,5: Commanvày is a game of tactics in real time provided for in World War II that puts you in leading a small b& of elite soldiers. Sover them behind enemy lines in a series of hazardous missions, và bring them alive again.

Only consider this if you completed the first game with few problems và want more of the same, but don"t dream of it if your only acquaintance is with the great sequel.

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Battle the Enemy in Europe in the Action-Packed Shooter Commandos: Beyond the call of Duty

Reviewed by: Alex

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DFG Exclusive Review Summary

New Seductress character adds khổng lồ the already fascinating team of Sapper, Sniper, Marine, và Green BeretEvery commanbởi vì now has the option to lớn throw a stone or a pachồng of cigarettes khổng lồ distract enemies & can force captured Nazis to vì chưng their biddingThe levels are beautifully crafted with plenty of eye-catching details & nice graphicsThe real-time strategy will put your skills lớn the test as you try khổng lồ find the best way khổng lồ employ your commando"s special abilities

Commandos 1 Beyond gọi Of Duty Full Craông chồng Pc Download

Shorter than the first game with only 8 missionsMissions are very difficult & can get frustrating early onInterface doesn"t lend well lớn multi-tasking which makes things difficult especially with the large number of troops in enemy patrols

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trò chơi Description

The Enemy is Bringing the Firepower - Are You?

You"re in charge of the six elite soldiers again as they dare khổng lồ finish what they started! Armed with new extreme weapons và decoys, the boys are heading khổng lồ Eastern Europe, Greece và Germany to take down the enemy!

But they better watch out because the Germans are ready khổng lồ greet them with Panzer và Luftwaffe reinforcements. Can you get your soldiers behind enemy lines to bring destruction to the enemy? This expansion pachồng for Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines introduces eight new, intense missions.

View the opening cutscenes & the first mission completed lớn get a feel for the game.

Commandos 1 Beyond gọi Of Duty Full Craông chồng Pc Free

Attaông xã, Distract and Destroy the Enemy

Sneak in & attaông chồng the enemy! Sabotage aircraft and destroy train-mounted artillery! A chất lượng twist is that the commandos can capture hostages & use them lớn distract enemies. The commandos can also distract enemies by tossing stones or packs of cigarettes.

This game will keep you busy with new weapons, buildings, vehicles, two new characters, unique environments like a zoo và two difficulty levels. Both shooter veterans và new recruits can enjoy these tough new missions.

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Tough Missions gọi for Tough Soldiers

These missions are very challenging và packed with intense action và good military background music to lớn make the experience realistic. Lumion 6 crackeado. Strategize and plan the perfect battle approach, coordinate attacks & distractions, sneak and snipe-you choose how lớn play. You can even grab some friends and play multiplayer mode.

Don"t let the enemy get the better of you! Play Commandos: Beyond the Điện thoại tư vấn of Duty now and show "em what your soldiers are made of!

Commandos Beyond the Điện thoại tư vấn of Duty Review

- Review by Alex

Commandos: Beyond the Điện thoại tư vấn of Duty is a real-time strategy war game that brings baông chồng the intense tactical combat that this series is known for. The gameplay cleverly combines strategy, puzzle, & action elements as you try khổng lồ overthrow the German war machine & bring an over khổng lồ the war.

Use Your Squad to Strategically Accomplish Missions

Commandos 1 Beyond Call Of Duty Full Craông chồng Pc Torrent

You once again get lớn take control of a squad of specially trained commandos, each with their own unique abilities, and this time there is even a new team member the Seductress. Using each character"s special skills, such as the Sniper"s scope shot or the Marine"s underwater abilities, really add khổng lồ the strategic depth of the gameplay và it is quite interesting how you can combine them in order khổng lồ complete the difficult missions ahead of you.

Clever Distraction Techniques

One new feature that is rather nice is that now every commanvày can throw a roông chồng or a pack of cigarettes khổng lồ distract enemies & can force captured Nazis lớn vì their bidding as long as they stay within range of their sidearm, which is very helpful. The levels themselves are also well rendered with eye-catching details & great graphics.

A Shorter trò chơi và More Difficult

There are some negative sầu sides to this sequel though which may be too much for some gamers. For starters, the game is quite a bit shorter than previous titles with only 8 levels. Also, the missions are very difficult to the point where it seems lượt thích completing them is just as much about luông chồng as your finesse. Previous games in this series were difficult, khổng lồ be sure, but they were at a manageable cấp độ where you could be patient & usually figure a way to overcome the obstacles, while this title is missing that feel & presents many situations that seem impossible.

Tough To Multi-Task At Times

It also doesn"t help that the interface doesn"t lkết thúc itself well to multi-tasking as you must micro-manage your commandos & they tend to lớn be a little slow in reacting lớn your commands. So, it can be quite challenging to lớn coordinate an attachồng on the relatively large troop formations that are on patrols within most levels. This all adds together lớn create some pretty frustrating moments early on in the game.

Conclusion - Good for Commandos Game Fans But chú ý the Drawbacks

Overall, Commandos: Beyond the hotline of Duty continues the series intense real-time strategic action & throws in some new interesting features. The gameplay difficulty definitely hinders the approachability of this title to new players, but should be enough khổng lồ test the more experienced players và fans of this series.

While there are several problems with this sequel, it does provide much of the same addicting gameplay of the original & is definitely worth at least giving it a try.

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