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điện thoại tư vấn of Duty: Modern Warfare & Warzone dropped its Season 5 update overnight last night, as has become the tradition. Now, it’s time to get your hard drives & your connections ready, because the thing is no joke, kích thước wise. There’s a ton of stuff in Season 5, và the tệp tin form size is commensurate with that. Here’s how much you’ll be downloading on each platform:

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PlayStation 4:33.9 GB Xbox One:49.8 GB PC:54.2 GB (Modern Warfare owners) & 47.4 GB (Warzone only owners)

There’s a silver lining to lớn the process, which is that the large file sizes this time around are intending to lớn decrease the overall footprint of the game on your hard drive, something that the team has worked on in previous updates, as well.

Once you’re downloaded, however, there’s a ton of stuff to lớn sink your teeth inlớn. Warzone will see the biggest changes, most notably the ability lớn go inside the stadium và wreak havoc after the largest maps changes the game has seen since launch. There’s also a freight train that’s making the rounds on the map now, which should lead lớn all sorts of interesting situations. Those come alongside a new “mini royale” mode as well as the ability to lớn listen khổng lồ sweet tunes in your vehicle as you drive around.

From a plot perspective, the menacing new “Shadow Company” makes its way inkhổng lồ Verdansk, and I’m hoping they have something lớn vày with this game’s eventual transition away from Modern Warfare và inlớn the next game in the series.

Modern Warfare will see the usual suite of new maps & modes, which will include the addition of the Verdansk airport from Warzone inkhổng lồ Ground War mode, as well as a new playmenu that disables things like killstreaks, perks và field upgrades.

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That comes in addition khổng lồ the new battle pass, which comes with the usual 100 tiers of cosmetics, new operators, và two new guns lớn work with: the ISO SMG and AN-94 Assault Rifle. That will cost you 1,000 battle points if you want to lớn jump in, of course.

Activision recently announced that Warzone has blown past 75 million downloads in 5 months, taking advantage of its exceptionally powerful franchise to lớn launch the first real hit in the battle royale genre since Apex Legends, at least until Fall Guys released yesterday. Some were afraid of cannibalization, but it appears that it’s had a more synergistic effect with Modern Warfare, offering a free-to-play onramp that lets players get their feet wet before upgrading lớn the substantially more robust paid experience. There was a time when the điện thoại tư vấn of Duty franchise looked lượt thích it might never quite reach the heights of its glory days, but now it’s bigger than ever.


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