In BIGO LIVE for Windows, you"ll have sầu access khổng lồ a community with over 200 million users that stream live sầu videos and can interact with other people


BIGO LIVE is a social platsize created for all those users that want lớn become Internet stars. Here you can broadcast everything that happens in your life, connect with friends và fans, to your favorite streamers... it"s basically a video clip streaming ứng dụng with over 200 million users all over the world.

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Connect khổng lồ hundreds of millions of streamers in the world

BIGO TV is available on both iPhone và Android, and thanks lớn this application that we"re introducing to you today, now also on Windows computers. From your desktop, you"ll be able lớn broadcast and connect with any of its millions of users. These are the main features offered by this application that"s has become a real hit in Asia, and now gradually landing in other countries, & that"s used by all sorts of people, ranging from influencers khổng lồ gamers:

Take part in the đoạn phim chat room with loads of guests.Live sầu stream anything you fancy.Explore all the live broadcasts happening at that moment.Find nearby users.Stream your đoạn Clip game sessions just like on Twitch.Chat và interact with other users in real time.Invite your friends lớn sign up và take part.Swap your gifts for money.

Two main categories for contents

The contents found on BIGO are sorted inkhổng lồ two main categories that users can explore whenever & however they want:

trò chơi Live: here we can find video clip games broadcast live via streaming. We"ll find gameplay videos và walkthroughs of all sorts of games, including the lachạy thử hits of the likes of PUBG, Overwatch or Fortnite.Showbiz: the section for broadcasters and influencers in general. In other words, the BIGO version for youtubers.

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The contents can be checked on a global scale or by means of tags và categories. In fact, we can filter videos with a comtháng origin by means of tags that have sầu to lớn bởi vì with the country of the broadcasters. We can also explore the trendiest live sầu videos at that very precise moment, whether belonging khổng lồ the Showbiz or the Game Live category.

And despite its wide range of contents, it doesn"t intkết thúc to compete with YouTube since the contents shared on BIGO has a much greater social component that makes it more similar to lớn the uprising & highly successful TikTok, as well as Twitch due khổng lồ the huge amount of gameplay videos with can find và watch on this platkhung.

What"s new in the lachạy thử version

New family chat groups.New private audio functions.